Jewelry Repair Inquiry

Jewelry Repairs  
For Jewelry Repairs, please E-mail:
Please note for all repairs kindly follow the steps below so we can better assist you: 
* Kindly send us a good clear photo of the item you need to repair/replace.  
* Please describe repair work required
* Please provide copy or photo of receipt or proof of purchase 
* Approximate date of purchase.
* Please provide Retailer or Location the item was purchased at
We will then respond with:
Confirmation that such a repair can be done depending on the item and season
* Quotation for the Repair Cost
* Approximate Repair Time
* Return Authorization Number and address to mail the item to for repair once approved. 
We look forward to assisting you! 




General Customer Service Questions and Orders, please contact:
Monday  Friday 9 am–6 pm PST