Figure 8 Weave

An 18th century ankle bracelet originally cast in mud from Rajasthan, India inspires this rich weave. 

Lois Hill artfully aligns and carefully interlaces figure 8's of sterling silver, creating a bold, sensual pattern with lateral movement and fluidity.

This beautiful textural weave yields a great bracelet for both women and men.

Granulation & Filigree

Lois Hill fuses the past and present by uniquely combining elements of contemporary Scandinavian filigree with the art of granulation dating back to 3000 BC.

Lois Hill's signature scroll is outlined with lace-like wire work of filigree, & embellished with tiny granules of sterling silver intricately applied by hand.

Hand Carved Sterling Silver

Using a prehistoric method of hand carving with hammer and chisel, Lois Hill elegantly carves sterling silver on an organic mixture of tree sap and wax.

The most primitive of tools can yield the most sophisticated of design.

Single Wire Weave                 

Paging through an art history book, Lois glimpsed a 17th century Turkish belt. Intrigued by the belt's pattern, she acquired an antique piece and spent months studying it to master the technique.

A single strand of sterling silver is donned onto metal rods and hand woven into pieces - some as tiny as a ring, and some as extensive as a belt which takes six weeks to complete.                  



Textile Weave

The tribes of Northern Thailand inspire Lois HIll's intricate, fabric-like weave. 

Over years of experimentation, she perfected her methods, creating a full collection. From bold and daring to dainty and delicate, all meticulously hand woven with tiny ovalized rings of sterling silver.

The work is so intricate that it takes a full day to weave just one inch.